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Light weight
Weather resistant
High strength
30 year guarantee

  • Structure guarantee

Combining the beauty of natural slate with all the benefits of modern day technology, Barrington Roof Tiles offers a fully designed, premium roofing system that is found on all styles of homes across Australia.

Lightweight yet exceptionally durable, Barrington Roof Tiles are renowned for their modern, streamlined slate look which customers enjoy at a lower price than natural slate.

Barrington Roof Tiles require minimal maintenance – a common problem for natural slate and terracotta tiling – and are easy to handle and install. They are so strong each tile can hold up to 120kg in weight, making walking on them a breeze.

Featuring an interlocking design and moulded water channels, which ensures they won’t leak or distort when correctly installed, Barrington Roof Tiles have excellent weatherproof characteristics – including hail and UV resistance – making them suitable for all climates and conditions.

Locally manufactured by Composite Materials Engineering (CME) in Australia, Barrington Roof Tiles believe in creating quality products for quality homes, and offers a 30 year guarantee on the structure of the Barrington Roof Tile and Roof Shingle.