Slate Roof Shingles

Barrington Slate Shingle is slightly heavier and larger, weighing approximately 1.3kgs and measuring 500 x 350mm, and is also able to support up to 120kg.

Barrington Technology

The Barrington Slate Shingle is manufactured from Torbex, a lightweight, structural advanced composite born out of the automotive industry and designed for Australian conditions. This advanced composite material is hail resistant and will with stand the weight of 120 kilos walking on the roof. Torbex is manufactured by blending resin, a combination of fillers with glass fibre and is compressed at 2,000 ton to forge all materials to create a solid unbreakable roof tile making it the most advanced in the Australian market. This allows Barrington Roof Tiles to offer an advanced slate alternative withstanding all the elements of Australian conditions .


Barrington Slate Shingle

Shingle Tiles

The Barrington Slate Shingle combines the beauty of Natural Slate with all the benefits of a fully designed roofing system using state-of-the-art technology. Weighing only 1.3kg and measuring 500 x 350mm, each tile will support up to 120kg, making it safe to walk on and easy to handle. To help reduce the roof weight, the tile uses an interlocking design and moulded water channels. These features help ensure that the Barrington Roof Shingle will never leak or distort when correctly installed.
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Barrington Roof Shingle Tiles

Finish Exfoliated Stone Finish
Size 450mm x350mm (500mm x 350mm inc. tab)
Units 7.5 per m2
Weight 1.3kg per unit / 9.8kg per m2
Pitch 10° (100mm minimum overlap)
CSIRO tested 15° (75mm), 20° (55mm)
NB: Sarking is mandatory for pitches less than 20°