We are the leading manufacturer of  Composite Slate Roof Tiles. Barrington Roof Tiles is a slate roofing company manufactured by Composite Materials Engineering. At Composite Materials Engineering, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in composite materials with the most up to date technology in materials and manufacturing processes to offer our customers a competitive advantage in their industry.

At Barrington Roof Tiles our slate roofing manufacturing company based in Melbourne we engineer, manufacture and process our own raw materials unique to the customer’s requirements. These materials are engineered to meet our customer’s specification when off the shelf materials or traditional materials will not achieve the performance required.

Barrington Roof Tiles is manufactured from Torbex which is a structural, non-corrosive and fire resistant composite material used in the building industry and born out of the automotive industry.

Barrington Roof Tiles require minimal maintenance – a common problem for natural slate and terracotta tiling – and are easy to handle and install. They are so strong each tile can hold up to 120kg in weight, making walking on them a breeze. Featuring an interlocking design and moulded water channels, which ensures they won’t leak or distort when correctly installed, Barrington Roof Tiles have excellent weatherproof characteristics – including fire, hail and UV resistance – making them suitable for all climates and conditions. Locally manufactured by Australian company Composite Materials Engineering, Barrington Roof Tiles believe in creating quality products for quality homes and offers 30 year guarantee on structure.

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The Barrington slate tiles and the Barrington shingles are the two innovative slate roofing products manufactured from Torbex, a high-strength, lightweight structural composite that has been tested by the CSIRO to the Australian Building Standards AS 4046–1992. The CSIRO also conducted extensive environmental and performance testing on the tile which is supported by their CSIRO Technical Assessment 279.

Both the slate tile and the shingle which are slate roofing products manufactured Melbourne create the attractive flat, streamlined look that is so desirable for today’s modern and classic design homes. The Barrington Series of products have been approved as an alternative to slate by heritage architects and have been installed in heritage listed areas.

Features at a Glance

  • Both roofing solutions have the capacity of 120kgs of weight ensuring durability.
  • Slate tiles only weigh 800 grams
  • Roof shingles weigh 1.3kgs and are larger in size
  • Safe to walk on and easy to handle
  • These slate tiles use an interlocking design and moulded water channels, alleviating the weight off the roof
  • Suitable for modern or classic design homes
  • Australian made
  • The Barrington Series have a 30 year structural guarantee.


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, we guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.

Slate Roofing Raw Material

Raw Material Manufacture

We manufacture our own raw materials ensuring the quality of the product being manufactured is the same everytime.

Slate Roofing Machinery

Moulding Operation

We mould Torbex in large hydraulic presses with steel tools ensuring the product is dimensionally the same every time and Slate and Shingle Roof Tiles are a structural material.

Slate Roofing Shipment

Ready for Shipping

We will ship composite slate and shingle tiles anywhere in Australia.


Barrington Roof Tiles are committed to ensuring our products meet our customers expectation. We are a family business understanding the importance of a family home.

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